Email marketing

How to Turn Your Ebook Readers into Email Subscribers

You spent hours researching, writing, editing, and self-publishing your ebook—and now it’s finally finished. When you search your name on Amazon, it shows up. People (strangers, even!) can buy it and read it.

And that’s a really cool feeling.

But your work doesn’t stop there. In the self-publishing world, it’s on you to get the word out about your book and find people who might like to read it.

So you’ve been reading up on advertising strategies, setting up interviews, and learning everything you can about promoting self-published books.

Along the way, you probably read about email lists, or saw companies offering paid sends to their list. (And probably started wishing you had your own, or yours was bigger.)

I’m going to share a simple method you can use to start building a list of your own, with people who purchase and read your ebook.

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